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In The Pipeline

What we would create if we had the time

(erm, I mean, if Parallax would have go on producing games. Which it won't. Not for MSX, anyway.)

Blade Lords 2

Blade Lords 2 Logo World sketch

More wild two-player action! We have plans for more death and annoyment amongst players of all ages! Killer swords, swinging across the ceiling, all the good ideas from Super Mario World we could possibly steal, you name it, it's got it!


Something like Zelda four on the SNES: with lots of abilities, a massive cyberpunk plot and the most amazing eight-way scroll ever! A bird's eye view to portray the action as true as possible, and more emphasis on the adventure part. Zelda meets SD snatcher meets Dragonslayer 6! (Damn this looks a lot like the Smumpkin spec!)(And we must avoid that for all things) Anyway, it'll be brill.

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