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Thirteen Questions

Interview with Cas Cremers,
by Jose C. Clemente Litran

This interview was given in November 1997, and the delay is due to the fact that Hnostar Magazine decided to publish it in issue fourty-one. I wanted to wait until that issue was out before putting the interview online.

1. To begin with, we'd like to know something about yourself: age, studies, likes, birthplace...

2. Which was your first contact with MSX, and which was your first MSX?

3. When did u began to make games for MSX? Have you made (or r u gonna make) games for other computers than MSX?

4. Till now, which games have u made for MSX and how many have u sold (more or less)?

5. How much time do u take to develope a game? Which is the whole process since u have the storyline?

6. Who has been member of Parallax till now? Which is/was their function?

7. When is gonna be finally finished your new game, Core Dump? Which is the whole story before Core Dump? (I mean, Akin is continued in Core Dump. Were Vectron/Arc/Magnar/Black Cyclon part of the Akin-Core Dump story?)

8. About Akin, some people think that the final scene [the one with the alien ship and so] was actually bad. As this game was made for Sunrise Swiss suscription, some said that u had to finish the game in a hurry and that's the reason why that scene wasn't good enough. What do u have to say about this?

9. Which r your all-time favourites MSX games? And not-MSX ones?

10. Which games have u bougth lately?

11. What do u think about MSX situation right now? Do u think there is a future for our system?

12. What do u think about GFX9000/Moonsound? Are u gonna make any games using any of this?

13. To finish with, do u have anything in mind about Parallax' future? [games after Core Dump, any kind of application...]

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