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About this Website


These pages where designed, drawn, and implemented by Cas Cremers for Parallax.

What's not made by Parallax can be found in this text as well as with the disclaimer.


Most graphics where first drawn (by hand) on an MSX-2 computer using DD-graph, and then converted to GIF images. In some cases they where smoothed after conversion. Most text graphics were produced by the amazing Pixelsite, check the disclaimer for a link to this once-free online service.

When the site turned into the nostalgia site, I added some high-res images done in Photoshop to the splash-screen and menu screen.


About 90% of the HTML in these pages was generated on-the-fly (techno babble) by the Parallax CGI (see next section for more details) until it turned into the nostalgia site... now it's just plain HTML.

All other HTML was typed in by hand, no editors were used except for JOE. And that's it. No Java script in these pages, also.


The CGI that ran a large part of these pages was developed by Cas Cremers, and was coded in ANSI-C. This CGI is also used to implement the style (text as well as graphic version) of the pages, meaning that the layout of all pages could be changed instantly by changing the CGI. The C code was also typed in without any high-end compilers.

For those of you who are interested, I explain the structure of this site and what the CGI does in the CGI explanation.

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Check out for more recent work....

Cas Cremers

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