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The Function of this Website

This used to be a website about the activities, or rather adventures, of Parallax MSX Games. This company produced games for the MSX-2 type of computers. At they moment they are still used by some enthousiasts, but their number is relatively small.

Until the end of 1999, this website was being updated on a two-weekly basis. It isn't anymore because the activities of Parallax MSX Games have been transferred to Shape 9 Digital Design.

Because there is actually a lot of information contained within this site, especially in the Core Dump diary, I decided to make sure this site was kept online. I removed all external links, because they only tend to die out, and removed some sections that were no longer in use.

So now you can still read your favourite stories in the diary, or check for tips on the games. Have fun. Think of this as a nostalgia site. I know I do.

(Oh, and I loved doing the diary. Maybe I'll start another one somewhere. If so, you will find a link here.)

Cas Cremers

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