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Vectron Arc Magnar [Black Cyclon] Blade Lords Akin Core Dump
Black Cyclon
Strategy Guide

The Level 2 Crystal

crystal On the second floor of level 2 there's a crystal in the south-east corner. You need this crystal to complete the game, because there are only eight crystals to be found in level 6, and you need nine!

The problem facing players is this: the crystal is behind an automated door. But when you pick up the crystal, the power is shut off. And then you're trapped in the room because the door won't open when there's no power.

The solution is quite obvious. Next to the door there's a power switch. Lock your ship to face to the south-west, and fire like hell to keep the little critters out of the way. (The next steps must be executed quickly.) Approach the switch hatch and let it open, while you head for the automated door. Once the door starts opening, dart back to the switch hatch and switch the power off! If all went well, the automated door is now OPEN and the power is OFF! Now you can safely take the crystal (because the power is already switched off) and turn the power back on.

(If you first open the automated door and then open the switch hatch, the trick won't work because the door will already have started closing before the switch surfaces.)

The Big Bad Black Spaceships

B.B.B.S. These evil looking big black ships storm onto the screen, and before you know it they're already gone. They always pass on the side of the screen you're NOT on.

What's worse, though, is that they fire four bullets in the process. Many players lose their heads and try frantically to avoid the bullets, causing them to crash into other enemies, and generally be annoyed.

The tactic to use is: Do not move!

The bullets are aimed very carefully by the big black ships, causing them to miss you by a millimetre on both sides (!), which means that you'll probably get hit by one of the four bullets IF you do move! If you just keep very calm, and freeze dead in your tracks when the ships fire, you won't get hit.

Level six

Aliens All hell breaks loose on level 6. If you don't have the needle gun at full strength, forget it!

The aliens spout bullets, the face huggers home in... The first thing to do here is to make a map. Without a map you're also pretty much lost. The warps don't always react as you'd expect them to do. Collect all the eight crystals on this level, and then, with aid of the crystal found on level 2, you should make it to the door...

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