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Vectron Arc Magnar Black Cyclon Blade Lords [Akin] Core Dump
Strategy Guide

The story can be found here, as well as some strategical advice. We also give the passwords for all the chapters.

The Story


We're talking way in the future here...

At some point in space man found an unusual phenomenon: A high-gravity space contraction with a planet rotating around it. In order to study it, a base was built around it and a larger research base was erected on the planet.

The research was not very fruitful for a number of years, causing the research personnel to divert some of their attention to other projects. Then, as the hypothesis of the contraction hiding a wormhole gains ground, one of the physics teams has an idea. They might be able to open up the wormhole. First experiments look promising, so they report to their section leader, Gwendolyn Irish, and ask her for more resources.

Gwens position has been subjected to criticism lately, so she figures she can use some positive results. Furthermore, she decides to withold all information until sure of success. She has the problem of getting the equipment for some of the larger experiments and because it's still a secret project and thus has to delude some people. Gwen easily convices the electronics section leader, but has more problems in getting the scientists to make her all these things. Especially Avon Piers objects. He's got an odd feeling about it: Why would Gwen need such large a test site? Avon talks to his friend, the vice-president of the corporation, about it. "Got any hard evidence?" is the reply. Still, Avon convinces him to watch Gwendolyn.

Gwen seales off a lab and opens a gate into the wormhole. The scientists examine the gate thoroughly, not yet entering it. After 51 hours a small band of aliens emerge, lead by Irr'zai. They kill some of the scientists and show off a bit. They show Gwen how they can communicate via telepathy, and understand Gwens 'brainwaves'. Gwen tells them humans are very powerful: they don't stand a chance. They allow Gwen to go and talk to her superiors.

Gwen finds that the base is in alarm phase II by now and her precious lab has been sealed off completely. She pushes the guards aside and heads straight for the president of the corporation, Trash Cooper. Crew awaits further orders. She tells Trash that some of her (now dead) scientists acted by themselves in setting up a dangerous experiment, and that she is in no way responsible. Nevertheless, there is a gate now with very dangerous aliens coming through it. This might become a problem.

"The only chance we have is to convince them to work with us. We might need to give them some classified information. For when they discover how weak men are, they're sure to kill us all." Trash agrees, "better to save our skins." All crew is gathered in the main halls and the plan is made public. Avon protests: Why should they sell out to the aliens? Can't they be destroyed? More people wonder how the aliens got there in the first place, and Avon remembers Gwens strange shopping list. Most of the crew calls for destruction of the base where the aliens are, and a full retreat to the planet. Cooper explains that the aliens will by now have discoverd how to open such a gate: It won't help. Gwen points out that they are quite capable of destroying mankind. Avon is not happy and calls for mutiny. Most of the crew joins him and security has one hell of a job keeping the room in one piece. Gwen sprints back to Irr'zai and tells him that because of some obscure reason they can't fight the rebels themselves. She asks him for help. Irr'zai ``phones'' his boss, Ba'kesh'e, and asks him to send Drrkaal and some troopers. Drrkaal wipes out most of the rebels. Avon manages to escape, and the rebels hide near the exosuit storage.

Cooper is displeased. He talks to Drrkaal and they agree this is a situation that must be handled carefully. The aliens are ordered to kill of all rebels, as is the security force. The loyal scientists are told to resume their work in the security-sealed labs, where no aliens are allowed. The aliens obey, still unsure about the potential power of men.

Gwen sets out on her own to find Avon. She finds him, walking into an ambush. Avon blows Gwens head off, basically, with an improvised crossbow. Gwen gets downloaded automatically into Aum, 'the soul keeper', a computer like thing which can hold a persons immaterial essence.

Cooper is in a way glad to have smartass Gwen out of the way, and strips her of all her security clearance. He assigns her to a carrier droid which isn't meant as such, the intelligent battle droid Ducane-7, using the excuse that rebels are blocking the exosuit storage entrance. The aliens and security troops are secretly told to kill the droid on sight. When Gwen awakes inside D-7 she is furious...

Chapter One: The Awakening

The awakening Ducane awakens in the midst of the soul transfer. As his main functions come online, he discovers that he is not alone. He is two.

He is sharing with Gwendolyn Irish. This is highly unusual, Ducane remembers from his training. Where could he be? Ducane performs his self-diagnostics. He seems to be in working order. All systems active. Two souls contained.

Ducane hesitates, but Gwendolyn is first: "Bloody Cooper...!" she exclaims. Not paying attention to this, Ducane politely asks Gwendolyn if she knows their present location.

Gwendolyn seems to know what she's doing, but avoids the question. And after four years of inactivity, Ducane is reluctant to begin his new-found life with a fight. Gwendolyn asks him to go to the elevator shaft. But they cannot pass, for they haven't got the correct ID card. This doesn't please Gwendolyn, and again she blames a certain "Cooper" for doing it to her.

The other way out of the chamber leads directly into an alien-infested corridor. Fighting his way through this unexplained danger, Ducane encounters a girl at the reception. Slaughtered horribly, judging from the wounds and the blood. By now, Ducane guesses that this won't be a vacation. Gwendolyn orders Ducane to search the girl, revealing an ID card that will allow them to proceed. Gwendolyn takes no time to explain anything to Ducane, and merely bosses him around. Ducane, still suffering from the slight daze, hasn't got the initiative to argue. His time will come. And this mindless fighting with aliens takes his mind of things and allows his mechanics to realign.

On arriving at the elevator, Gwendolyn finds that even the security forces are firing at her (and thus at Ducane)... Cooper gets another load of nasty words flung at his head, but it's Ducane who has to fight these guards! Irritation builds as Gwendolyn refuses to explain where they are or what's going on in this place.

The Story Will Be Continued Soon...

In General

Try to master the skill of jumping onto far away platforms early on in the game, when things are still fairly simple. You'll need this later on, and, as an added bonus, it'll be a crucial skill for Core Dump!!

The passwords for the chapters

Almost all passwords for this game are Thai words. They refer to religion, rituals, and money (!?).

  3. CHEDI
  4. BAHT
  7. MAKHA
  11. WASUN
Gwendolyn as a robot

Stand somewhere in the hall on a hill. Center will be best. Now fire missiles alternately left and right, and they'll hit the droid one out of five times... with a bit of luck you'll make it.

Energy Refill Point

From the soulkeeper (the starting point of the game) go left. When the first dragon appears, kill it. Do not go up the stairs to go the the recepionist hallway, but jump into the wall left of the stairs. Once 'in' the wall your energy will be replenished.

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