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The Game
(released in 1995)

Akin Logo

Akin - the game

Akin is a shooty platform adventure action game for all MSX 2 computers with 128kB ram, 128kB vram, or more. Static pictures can't do it justice: we're talking FAST multi-layer scrolling here, with sprites (e.g. the infamous 128 x 96 pixels spider) moving behind pillars, fences and walls without even a hint of slowdown!

We have already revealed two hidden tricks in Akin, and there's more to come!

A hanging corpse
Ducane at the Soulkeeper
The air duct

The Story so far...

At a certain point in time and space, man has become immortal. Well, almost. If the medics arrive in time, your soul can be saved. The technical term for this soul is a core. Cores can be transferred into a device called a soulkeeper. From the soulkeeper, cores can then be uploaded into other bodies or androids. Usually, special androids are created to be united with a core.

The hero of our story is Ducane Seven. Ducane is a small military droid. Not the kind used for core transfers. And after several years of inactivity, post-production void, Ducane is switched on.

Strangely enough, he finds that he has been united with a soul. Which is very odd. United with Gwendolyn Irish.

In the game, Ducane tries to make some sense out of his situation. There is far more happening in this base than anyone suspected! Ducane finds out that you can't trust anyone. Ducane is in danger of being used. Ducane might have a hard time surviving.

Frying a guard with the flamethrower
Getting the bomb Item selector

What MCCM said about Akin (1995) :

(no 78, sept-oct 1995, pp 22-23.)

  • "Cas Cremers and Patrick Smeets have earned an enormous reputation among MSX-users."
  • "...with Akin we have a side view. This has been done beautifully."
  • "The story behind Akin is great and stays fascinating."
  • "It's an astounding achievement that this has been created on an MSX 2 computer."
  • "Everything shows that they have tried to push the MSX 2 computer to its limits."
  • "Visually everything is excellent, as we've become used to with Parallax games."
  • "In short, this has a very high game quality."

What Future Disk said about Akin (1995) :

(no 22)

  • "This is the best European game ever."
  • "... the music is great."
  • "I've just beaten a boss of 20 by 10 metres, and I have to say: I'm still impressed."
  • "Brilliant graphics"
  • "Amazing storyline"
  • Sounds: 90%
  • Graphics: 94%
  • Playability: 95%
  • Lastability: 88%
  • Overall: 92%

What Chaos said about Akin (1995) :

(Totally Chaos - the puzzle edition)

  • "The graphics in this game are simply perfect."
  • "I hope [...] that from now on every MSX game will look like this."
  • "Parallax has earned a nobel prize with Akin."

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