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The Game
(released in 1989)

Vectron is an arcade game with a strong exploration element. The playfield is seen from a birds-eye view. As you fight your way through the game, pressing switches will change parts of the maze. Wall sections might appear or dissapear. Collecting gold allows you to buy stronger weapons... and you just might survive.

When MCCM, at that time the largest MSX magazine in Europe, announced a programming contest it just happened to be the case that Cas Cremers was working on a game. The only reason Vectron was started was because Cas thought it interesting to try and code a game. And so he did.

What MSX Club Magazine said about Vectron (1989) :

(no 27, jan-feb 1990, p 51.)

  • "Vectron deserved to win the first prize and wouldn't have done bad if it had been sold as a professional product"

Vectron is a arcade game with a searching element. Money can be found and items can be bought. Trapdoors reveal items, switches or enemies. Switches are used for various things, most noticably changing the map! This can cause some confusion but is also a source of fun in the game.

Vectron won the first prize in the contest, and as such I decided I might try to code another game. Vectron had been coded as pure machinecode, typed in by hand using a hexadecimal memory-editor: I didn't have an assembler at that time... (Don't try this at home, kids)

But as a graphic artist, I was dissapointed with the MSX hardware at that time - I used hardware sprites in Vectron so there was little room for artistic stuff. Obviously this had to be solved.
Jan Jansen appeared on the scene, and was willing to help me produce a game. Moreover, his son, Ruud Jansen, was responsible for the hardware part of my next game, because spending more time coding resulted in ARC!

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