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The Game
(released in 1992)

In Magnar, you are a member of the Magnar Corporation. Eight missions await you, in which your reflexes are tested to their limits. Find the "D1-A planetbuster" at the end... or not...

Magnar onscreen logo There are actually a few (at least four!) versions of Magnar around, which was due to an error which in turn was caused by some akward keyboard types. After that, I decided to make the game a little bit more difficult too. Still, there were some nice ideas in it.

In an earlier version of Magnar, there were enemies that tried to get bonusses before you could reach them, interacting with eachother. They didn't make it into the final game, but they were cute nevertheless.

Action shot All enemies were created with a universal enemy creating engine, called MENIS at that time. It was brilliant, but we never used it again because for the next game, Black Cyclon, used a complete multiprogramming core which was able to process each enemy as an individual piece of (sequential!) coding. (This is what parallel computing is about... if you've got only one processing unit)

As always, we spent ages designing the main sprite which resulted in sort of a boomerang type ship. That's right, a boomerang.

Magnar has loads of hidden passwords to find... well I did not think anyone could guess them!

And then... there was Black Cyclon!

Some Sprites and Blocks Magnar Ship designs

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