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The Game Strategy Guide [Cheat Corner]

Vectron Arc Magnar Black Cyclon Blade Lords [Akin] Core Dump
Cheat Corner

Password: Memory editor!

Type "EDIT"+[return] when playing. From now on, pressing [esc] will start the in-game memory-editor! Use the cursor keys and number keys to change things. A list of spectacular effects will be available soon.

Password: Energy Refill

When you are playing Akin you can type "ENERGY"+[return] at any time to have your energy completely refilled!

Strange tales

The people in Akin have some strange tales to tell. Almost everything is a reference to some book or TV series, and the links are stranger than you'd expect.

The disappearing assistant

At one point in the game, assistant Enfield disappears after giving you valuable information. We reckon the aliens killed him. Enfield is replaced by Assistant Chums. One of my favourite English comedy shows is... Harry Enfield and Chums. (Which kind of idiot makes these stories?)


One guy is called Langston. After the Langston Field, which is the shield device used in books by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. In "The gripping hand", three-armed aliens make their return among humans, and introduce the expression: "On the one, hand, we have [...]. On the other hand, there's a problem with [...]. But on the third hand, we could go for this other solution." One of the characters uses this construction.


This was an obvious enough one, but quite complicated as well. Because it's about more computers than MSX.

There's this guy who claims to have developed the "Graphix 90 billion". It a chip which has a mode 7.5, called the "gooseboarding mode", in which you can create custom "gooseboard" games by selecting where the graphics have to be ripped from: (1) Japanese game, (2) Disney characters, andsoforth.

This was a straight attack at the then very popular trend among MSX-designers to make Runemaster-clones, something that's really easy to do. Mode 7.5 is a reference to the "magical" mode 7 of the SNES. Graphix 90 Billion is obviously about the "graphix 9000" or V9990 as it's formally known.


You drug professor Nisar (which is some conversion of Sarin, the poisonous gas which was used in a terrorist attack in Japan) for no purpose at all, it turns out, because he was just about to explain the bomb to you anyway. Oh well, it does nice things to his eyes.

Scared Harry

Harry has hidden himself from the aliens, and has a mine to defend himself with, only he doesn't know what to do with it. You make your way through four sectors to find out that he only has to place it somewhere on the ground.

Barker is a friendly man

Things get hot real soon between you and Barker, the security chief. He's named after Clive Barker, who writes horror/fantasy novels. He's also worried about your smoking.

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