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The Tools We Use!

Please note that this only concerns our games. How these internet pages were made can be found in the "about this webiste" pages.



In house (coded by Cas)

A great number of subroutines, macros and complete program parts. But I'm one of the people who completely rebuilds all important code bits for each game. Especially the display routines of my games have improved every time. But to name something,

  1. MENIS
    Magnar ENemy Intelligence System. Create an enemy (using variables for firing ratios, type, speed, energy andsoforth) and put it anywhere on the map. Same with items and puzzles. Using this. magnar levels are created in a blink.
Created by someone else (not by me)

  1. TED
    What can I say? Nothing beats it.
  2. Gen80 / L80
    Although everyone complains about it, it's the only really powerful assembler available. That's why I use it. The only drawback is that the linker does not allow linking from a certain address (say 0x8000) without padding everything from 0x0100 to 0x7fff !!!. This was a major hassle when I coded Magnar.
  3. WBASS2
    Years ago I used this one for coding. Now I use it as a debugging tool only.


In house (coded by Cas)

  1. OX
    Download it now!
    All-purpose 8x8 block editor. Reads Ge5 files and converts a complete image into block set and block map. 40 screens in memory at one time. Was used for Blade Lords, Akin. Is now being used to set up Core Dump map components and enemies. Especially the ".ge5 to blocks" function is used heavily.
  2. DEV
    Magnar/Black cyclon map editor. Edits 16x16 blocks onto maps, maps can be several screens wide/high, and maps can have any form.
  3. LED
    Core Dump level editor: integrated into the game. Can switch between edit/play modes.
Created by someone else (not by me)

  1. AGE, or DD-graph (T&E Soft)
    This still remains the best screen-5 designer, although it's a pity my DOS2 crashes when I exit it. Oh, and I'd have liked to be able to use sub-directories.


In house (coded by Cas)

  1. PAMM
    MSX-Music editor. Very quick replayer, large compression ratios, compressed music can directly be played (no need to decompress).
  2. SFX-editor
    PSG sound effects editor. Quick. Is able to use every PSG possibility (in principle).
Created by someone else (not by me)

  1. Moonsound/Moonblaster for Waves (Remco Schrijvers)
    I have not been "in the mood" for writing an editor and replayer myself, although the problem I have now is making sure the replayer is quick enough. And I cannot change the structure of the data, which is a bit of a pity.


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