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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 17

April 7, 1997: Pre-Tilburg

The preparations for Tilburg have commenced. That means preparing a playable demo, and coding the a piece of the introduction-sequence. I've had a pretty neat idea about the opening sequence, which will attract at least some viewers... come and see the real thing in Tilburg.

Pat also had a great idea. With the level editor being this good, we might (after we've published Core Dump) send out some extra levels afterwards. In practice: once you've got a copy of Core Dump, more levels might appear on this website, or on diskmagazines such as the Future Disk. (It's just a coincidence that Pat works for the F.D.)

The main sprite problem was solved! I've decided that the main sprite will look somewhat like the one in Akin: this is a holographic cloak the aliens use. But under water the cloak does not work and the true nature of the alien race is revealed: a squid like scaly thing (it's really difficult to describe it..) that actually swims like a squid. It makes for some truly strange moments when half in/out of the water as the cloak will only work out of water. Also, at some points in the game your cloak might fail, causing all alarms to go off whenever someone sees you!

The rest of my visit to Patrick was spent toying around with his consoles: Pat has a Playstation as well as a Nintendo 64. How can this guy do anything else besides playing with his consoles and his newly-bought guitar? ("I can play blind, what else do you want???") (Inside joke, that. Ever heard of Korn ?)

We played "Deep Blood" (Playstation), which he'd bought for a few guilders from a guy who said it was unplayable. For the game is completely japanese, and the guy couldn't make it out of the first room. Pat said "obviously this guy never owned an MSX", tried all the options in the menu, and got out of that room in his first go.

I got butt-kicked with Street Fighter "tzero" Two (alpha, but it's some weird japanese version) and turned out to be really lousy at WipeOut 2097 (or some other large number). So now you know.

Needless to say, I wish I was programming for a Playstation. But then again, I'd probably be figuring out how to get the most out of the hardware. And that wouldn't be fair to the other software houses, now would it. (My ironical way of talking cannot be conveyed using "ordinary" HTML... that's why I use brackets)

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