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Core Dump

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When you're not sure who's controlling who

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What is Core Dump?

Core Dump is a game - a major improvement over the ideas first tried out in Akin, another Parallax game. So look there first.

This amounts to an arcade adventure that unites true action with an adventure side, making the intense storyline much more involving.

Is it any good?

Decide for yourself: it's about ten times bigger than Akin, has much more varied gameplay, more action, more storyline...

The first pictures can been viewed in the Gallery, and the technical details of the scroll routine can be read in the Tech section.

When will it be ready?

Uh. The future is very unsure. Read the Work in progress section to know what we're up to.


Core Dump is about to continue where Akin left off... But this time you are one of the others!

As the aliens, who are called the Raalin, created a bigger gate in the wormhole, they hid from humans at first. But now the time has come. You are Gen, a specially bred Raalin, that is capable of taking on a desired form. With the traitor Cooper, who has agreed in helping the aliens (and was the only human survivor of Akin), you are about to go on a mission which intends to take over the main human security forces.

The human race has a central control point in spacestation Aleph. This is where all orders are given. To blast Aleph out of space is not a good strategy - humans would scatter through the universe in hard to fight rebel groups. And "blasting it out of space" is also quite diffcult, as Aleph seems to have technological advantages no other human structure has.

For these reasons, another strategy to control humans has been adopted. This strategy works at two levels: (1) Find the creator of Aleph, who allegedly lives on the station, and find out why Aleph is so difficult to destroy, and (2) Assist Cooper (a human traitor) in taking over Aleph.

You play the role of Gen, and are placed in an escape shuttle with Cooper near the wormhole. You tell the rescue squad that the base was destroyed by an unfortunate accident. Cooper will arrange jobs for both of you on Aleph.

This is where the game starts. Find out the best way to take over Aleph. Make sure no one discovers your real identity. Make sure Cooper stays a traitor but doesn't betray you. Make sure you survive.

Click here for more detailed information on the characters.

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