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Core Dump

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CoreDump Promo 1.2

There's now a new version of this promo: enhanced and in Japanese! It can be found here.

What kind of promo is it?

A lot of decisions had to be made, but it turned out as a little playable bit with some secret stuff. No underwater sections, but still quite enjoyable. You cannot load or save, but obviously that will be an option in the finished game. See below for an explanation of the controls.

What's new in 1.2, and why a new version??

After the feedback we got from the first promo, we changed a few things. And to prove that we listen to the feedback, I put the revised game routines into the old promo. You can read about the exact changes in the Work In Progress. Again: tell us what you think.

One hint: you haven't completed the promo at all if you haven't spoken to the Belmont family...

Nuff said, I wanna download it

Here comes. You can download the separate files or you can download a ZIP file that contains the complete promo. There is also a zipped DSK diskimage for people using emulators (Thanks to Jan van Valburg and Manuel Bilderbeek)

You can start the promo from MSX DOS by typing "ploader" at the prompt, or you can run "PROMO.BAS" from MSX-BASIC. (Thanks to Alex Wulms for that...)

Huh? I already have that promo from the latest FutureDisk (FD 32)

Well, erm, no. This is a slightly improved version of that promo. This does all the FD promo does, and more. For one thing, there are some different enemy graphics and improved A.I. for the big things in the argonoid passage.

How to play

"Patje" Smeets

This text is meant as a guide to help you get to grips with the controls in this CoreDump promo. CoreDump is a new Parallax game for MSX2 Computers with at least 128kB Ram. In this promo you play the role of Gen (actually, you also do that in the game), a Raalin, and you must see to it that he completes his mission. For those of you that have played Akin, this time around there is a lot of talking involved! Also, we've introduced something completely new (at least as far as I know) in CoreDump: the storyteller. This storyteller butts in practically every time a conversation is going on, and tells you the things that you wouldn't have known, had he not told you. If this seems logical, that's because it is. Also, we figured if Philips can do it, so can we. So on some occasions, there will be an extra window onscreen (picture in picture, so to speak) showing something or other. Isn't it marvellous, Mike?

The good thing about this promo is that it has an ending. Actually, it has 3. Now don't think there's 8 minutes of FMV waitng for you when you complete the promo. It's not, and I'm sparing you the disappointment that I experienced. There's just a lousy black screen with 'The End'. Hey, at least it's obvious. Depending on what you do before you get the ending there will be comments on what happened. Needless to say, it's all good fun, but beware! This is not Akin-style easy stuff. It's hard. I'm telling you. So be careful, and don't give up to soon, because you do wanna see that drab 'the end' screen, don't you?

The Controls

(for the completely potty)

Left - go left
Right - go right

(and now the stuff you need to know)

Up - Enter doors, hang from 'ropes', talk to people
Down - Duck (quack)

Space - Jump
Graph - Fire current weapon, or try to talk to the nearest person

F1 - Pause
F2 - Weapons Menu
F3 - Item Menu

Weapons and Item Menu

This can hardly go wrong: once you find (or otherwise acquire) any item or weapon, it will immediately show up here and you will be able to select it. Also remember that if you want a character to notice something you have, it has to be selected (and thus visible in the board at the bottom).

Weapon list:

Normal Laser
Ruby Laser
Grenades (pip)
Landmines (pip) *1
Plastic explosives (pip) *2

*1 Drop as many as you like. Quack, erm, duck to pick them up again.

*2 You can drop multiples of these, by ducking and pressing space. Plastic explosives detonate all at the same time by pressing space again.

Item list:

ID Card lv. 0
Core Detector

Well, you're all set now. Go play and watch out for them spikes. Enjoy!

Patje & Cas

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