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Core Dump

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CoreDump Promo 1 - Japanese version (enhanced)

(Japanese text is here.)

Download the ZIP file (100kB), and don't forget to read this manual!

"Let me introduce ourselves. We are the Raalin. A younger race than the human race, yet far more powerful. We had never encountered humans until recently, when a group of humans created a gate to our part of the universe. They fought. They tried to drive us out."

"The gate they had made was far too small for our ships, and they had a base surrounding the gate. But then they made a mistake. They blew up the base, hoping to destroy the gate. By that time we were able to create a bigger gate, which was now finally possible."

"Time takes us all. It is obvious that the young replace the old. It is the same with humans. They had their time. Now we will take their place."

But the Raalin encountered more resistance than suspected. All defence was coordinated from the largest defensive base: space station Aleph. After many attacks, Aleph still stands its ground. Somehow the defenses of Aleph seems to be of a different kind, because they are far superior to known Raalin systems. After defeating many human attack fleets, this comes as something of a surprise to the Raalin. What is the secret of Aleph?

These circumstances call for a different approach. Aleph is to be taken over from the inside. This will be done with help of a human traitor, called Trash Cooper. Cooper will assist a Raalin in infiltrating Aleph.

A specially bred Raalin will be selected for this mission. This Raalin will be able to cloak itself as a man-made droid, although the cloak won't work underwater. There are at two candidates left from the previous rounds: Shira and Gen.

One of these will infiltrate the base with Cooper, and hopefully discover the secret that Aleph contains.

How to play

You play the role of Gen, after he has already been selected for this mission. You must help Cooper along, and bits of the story will unfold. You can also go into secured areas where useful items can be found. Succesful playing will result in one of three possible endings. Depending on what you do before you get the ending there will be comments on what happened.

Gen usually looks like a droid because of the cloak. Under water his true identity is revealed. Also, when talking, Gen is shown the way he really looks.

The Controls

Gen is controlled by a joystick in port 1 or 2, or by the keyboard.

Left go left
Right go right
Up Enter doors, hang from 'ropes', talk to people
Down Kneel
Firebutton A
Firebutton B
Fire current weapon, or try to talk to the nearest person
F1 Pause
F2 Weapons Menu
F3 Item Menu

Ropes and bars

Gen has the ability to cling onto certain background elements. To achieve this, jump towards the rope or bar, and press [up]. If all goes well, Gen should be hanging on the rope!

Weapon and item menu

This can hardly go wrong: once you find (or otherwise acquire) any item or weapon, it will immediately show up here and you will be able to select it. Also remember that if you want a character to notice something you have, it has to be selected (and thus visible in the board at the bottom).

Weapon list:

  • Blaster
  • Ruby Laser
  • Lightsaber
  • Grenades
      An extra camera will appear if they are thrown off-screen.
  • Landmines
      Crouch to pick landmines up that you've placed before. An extra camera will appear when off-screen.
  • Plastic explosives
      Again, an extra camera will appear if necessary. Press [down]+[fire] to place more than one. Pressing [fire] will set off all explosives at the same time.

Item list:

  • ID Card lv. 3
  • Core Detector
  • Cores
  • Tantalos
  • Unitor Ralek
  • Swim suit

Well, you're all set now. Go play and watch out for them spikes. Enjoy!

Cas Cremers Coding
Patrick Smeets Additional design and graphics
Takamichi Suzukawa Translation

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