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The Gallery

Please note: Most pictures in the gallery are exactly 256 x 212 pixels. This means, that if a creature or thing covers half of the picture, it will be half of your screen in the actual game!!

At last! The first pictures are online! As we have not decided on the final looks yet, I will put some sketches here. These are the GFX that aren't finished yet. So if they don't seem good enough: we are still improving everything :)

The collection below shows some sprites. The program has no problems with the size of the creatures show, and everything is in 16 colours, so what you see is what you'll get. Of course, the finished game will integrate the sprites and all background layers nicely.

There are now three pages of graphics, and more are bound to be available shortly!

(Almost all of the graphics of page 1 were drawn by Pat. Hmms, it's about time I got to do some drawing as well... and some of the results are on page 2!)

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