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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 40

September 1, 1997 : A slightly updated version of the promo!!

After the feedback received from the first version, some improvements were made. An incomplete list follows:

  1. When talking to people, a picture of that person face appears (if it's an important character). This adds a lot of atmosphere.
  2. It is now easier to talk to people, using [graph] or [up]
  3. There is a difference between the "dummy" characters and the "real" characters, which can be seen. Dummy characters are grey guys, mostly guards and some droids.
  4. "real" characters always say something to you. That way you can be sure about having spoken to them.
  5. Sound effect errors are now history.
  6. Vertical "ropes" are now included. They work the same as the horizontal "bars".
  7. Exploding barrels now cause damage to other enemies, and other barrels. Chain reaction time, kids!
  8. Recoil! Every time Gen is hit, he staggers backwards (just like in Akin, in fact). Don't get pushed into the spikes.
  9. There is a BASIC loader now, no more need for DOS. Thanks to Alex Wulms for that. Cheers mate! (Though I wonder what kind of TAB-settings you use in your TED....)
  10. ... erm and lots of stuff I forgot to mention.
Anyway, the general layout and enemies have not changed at all. But especially the "talk to people" bit has improved quite a lot, so get the new version quickly.

I also changed a lot of internal things, but I will explain about that some other time.

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