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Episode 39

August 26, 1997 : Is the promo a level of the finished game?

This question was put to me by Jesus Tarela. The answer is:

The promo is NOT a level of the finished game

Bits of it might be in the finished game, like graphics and enemies and such, but it was especially devised for the promo.

To be clear about this, the purpose of the promo is to get some feedback. On the basis of the feedback, features might change. Generally, things get better. The finished game will be far slicker than what you might have seen in the promo. Basic setup remains the same, however. We intend to improve on everything people remark on, so send your comments to us (via E-mail)!

There is another reason. The finished game will have much bigger levels, and the area you'll be able to access from the beginning will be much larger as well. Also, the plot will start off slightly different, with much more explanation of your mission etc., and the general situation of the space station.

And that's why the promo cannot be considered to be a level of the finished game...

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