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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 38

August 25, 1997: Improvements after the first reactions

Talking to people

First: in the final game there will be pictures of the heads of the people you are talking to, a bit like in Akin. This isn't in the promo 'coz I had not drawn them yet.

The problem I faced with the people was this. Obviously, in any given room there are at most three people that play in important role in the plot. But that makes for empty rooms. In the promo I added some "random" people. This results in another problem: I becomes unclear which people are interesting and which aren't. Many people commented on this, thanks.

I've come up with this solution. I am going to draw three or four "dummy" people and androids. The player will recognize that these won't say anything, and are just there to fill up the room. A crowd just looks better. Maybe these "dummy" actors will be in grey suits or something. But this should result in more efficient room-searching, while at the same time looking as if there is much going on.

The light-saber

There could occur an odd effect when using the light-saber in a room full of people. It is now solved. It was anything fatal, just a little quirk.

Sound effects silence

Sometimes the sound effects would stop. This can be fixed by pressing f2 or f3, or by entering a new zone. Anyway, I repaired it, it was a little bug in the priority routines. I am using different ones now from Akin, I can now set priorities from the sound-effect editor. That's where the bug came in.

Drum clash

Enter a new zone with the same music, and the drums make a strange sound. I fixed this now.

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