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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 23

May 27, 1997: Moonsound (2)

I've only got time to write a little entry now, and within a few days I'll write another (bigger) entry into the work in progress.

More Moonsound experiments turned out fruitful, and I must admit that this could be put to some good use. I also considered (but haven't decided anything yet!!!) sampled sound-effects.... duh. Yes, I admit, it would be great, but still: that means a _lot_ of extra work. And I had planned Core Dump to be released around *$%!*@@@#^ ( I just won't reveal it because I'm not sure yet...). Anyway, I composed some new music and it sounds great (said the salesman). Well my mum said it sounded really good, allright? I haven't seen Pat, 'coz he'll be judging it probably.

I drew some "civilian" zones - you know, like in Akin, with no enemies and only people to talk to - and did some redesign on the people graphics. All this went quite well, and I think that it plays smooth enough now. Ok time's up. Wait till tomorrow.

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