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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 26

June 23, 1997: Enemies, Multiple camera shots

action Too much action. Can you believe that? I was testing the new enemies, and put some together, just to test them. It was too hard! I kept dying all the time! Luckily, the speed was great, even with 20 objects onscreen at once. Good.

I didn't manage to capture the "more than fifteen objects at once" shots, it was just too hectic to think straight. Hunter drones, guided missiles, jumping thingies that try to fry you, drone generators... aaargh!

But on the whole this is very good. Akin could have used some more action. With Core Dump you'll definitely see more action.

... Two camera's. Indeed. This might look confusing in a static picture (the black bar looks like a wall, maybe?) it's all very obvious when things start scrolling.

It even turns out that in some cases, the game becomes faster when displaying two camera's! This is a result of the way the scroll routines work, optimizing whenever possible. I'm well pleased.

big gun I drew some more enemies, and I tried to animate "catwoman" (see previous entry) but I don't seem to be able to animate her properly. Sjees. And she looks so good, I've got to get her in...

3 cams Ok. This is what three camera's looks like. Tracing enemies. In the game there'll be hardly any camera's tracking enemies because that is not really interesting. In some cases though, like things that are useful to tell the story, camera's will track enemies. Believe me, it looks awesome.

More enemies. Nice small ones, so I can cram a lot of them onto one screen *grin*. The camera routines are working really great, I haven't spotted any errors yet. And I've been testing them a lot!

Pamela Lee, naked Pat came round and he really liked my Moonsound experiments. There's a fair chance now for Core Dump featuring Moonsound music. I still have a little doubt about it, but darn, it sounds _good_! I now used it for some very atmospheric music, and I daresay it'll make the game truly creepy.

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