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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 31

July 14, 1997: Metal Gear on the playstation?

I've had a depressing moment friday. I went to Pat, and we played a bit on his PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Then he showed a new (well not new but I'd never heard of it) computer magazine: The Edge. It's british, and not easy to acquire in Holland. "Van Pierre" in Eindhoven sells it, at least.

    Anyway, with the latest issue there's this free CD-ROM for yer PC or Mac which contains some promo's for upcoming games. Such as Dracula X (Playstation). Dracula 3D (N64). And Metal Gear (PS).

Duh. It looked quite nice. (Everything I say would be an understatement.) But the music... I said, "ok Pat, tape this. I want to listen to this at home." I am not the greatest gameplayer in the world, but it has to be said that I inspect every computer game description I can get my hands on. I look at everything.

    So I got home and played the tape about fifty times, hoping to find out what cool special sounds they'd used, or what kind of revolutionairy basslines were present.


It was just brilliantly composed. No fancy tricks, "merely" brilliant. Sjees. How can I compete with this?
This realization brought work to a complete standstill for two hours. And then I went for a drink. I'd deserved it. This programming business is frustrating if you want to do it right.

Back to work

Next day saw some results, luckily. I've included the bonus system. I won't reveal how it works, but I will say that there is much randomness to it, and I am hoping to use this to make the story absolutely non-lineair. How? Well maybe I'll explain that some other time.

    I've also made some new music, even after hearing Metal Gear... I've actually made some really atmospheric background "hums" which are in many ways better than real music, because they "tell you how to feel". I works, I've tried it *grin*.

Well it's progressing. I've also designed the climax of plot number four, and that's looking really cool. We also started to work on a promo. Goody.

Go on...

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