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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 35

August 6, 1997: Promo will be delayed till monday/tuesday...

I'm sorry. A little delay. Two reasons.

  1. Pat has been nagging my head off- the promo will also appear on the current issue of the Futuredisk, and he wants me to hold the demo until the futudisks are shipped. Duh.
  2. I want to change some graphics and put the Parallax logo onscreen when the demo is loading. I can only do that this weekend.
More decisions

I had more decisions to take. If there is a certain character in a room that has no function in the plot (at this point), or is just there for the sake of it, should you then be able to talk to it? In other games, such characters just repeat the same silly sentences (e.g. "Don't you like it here?") over and over. For the time being, I decided that my characters just don't respond if they've got nothing useful to say. Except Maui, a girl, who says "I'm busy now, come back later". Cheesy, but honest...

About the promo

The promo has two plot lines that account for the three different endings. The "multiple camera's onscreen" isn't readily available, you have to find certain weapons first.

You cannot load or save in the demo, but then again it's not that big, so I left those options out.

As ever, I had some problems with the loader (har har). I will even post a message about this on the MSX newsgroup, because this BASIC/DOS switch is getting on my nerves.

The promo is meant to show how the game works, and not to show off graphics. It's even got quite a lot of jokes (?) in it. True.

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