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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 54

January 13, 1998 : New status panel: Vote !!

New status panel

Please recall the (old) status panel:

Old panel OLD Status Panel

(Yes, that is the homing gun selected on the right, and no, in the real game you won't get the item on the left without cheating...)

For the Japanese version of the promo, I had created "something like an energy bar". Pat had insisted on a counter for the energy, but I found it very confusing. So I added something that worked like a five-unit energy bar.

But that wasn't very enlightening as well. So I played around with the status panel, and designed a real bar. Fifty pixels wide, to be exact. But then I had to shift all the other info around to make it look better. So I ended up with this design:

New panel NEW Status Panel

There's now a red bar (almost empty in the picture shown) that indicates how much energy you've got left. Notice that the level name has been placed at the bottom of the screen.


And now my request: please look carefully at both pictures, and select one that you prefer: the new one or the old one? Then, if you could tell me why, I'd be even more helped!

Name (optional):

E-mail (optional):

I want to tell Parallax, that...

Just to help a bit, I decided to put both pictures next to eachother here:

Old New
Old panel New panel

Go on...

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