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Episode 58

March 2, 1998 : Carnaval, Playstations... what the ????


I haven't been online for 12 days now, so I suffered from withdrawal symptoms. But I had to. I'm from a region in Holland that is known as "Limburg". There, it is a custom, that once a year:

  1. Everyone gets horribly drunk (kids, grannies, everyone)
  2. Relations are broken everywhere, just for the sake of one-night stands
  3. We all dress up, too. As silly as possible
  4. People make great big "cars" with a certain (usually silly) theme and walk/drive around the city in the parade.
Sounds absurd? Well, in a way, it is. But it lasts about five days if you want to, which is longer than any sane man should... so most people reduce it to three or two days. After that it is generally known that most people are ill. A case of the flew can hit many people, as their resistance is very low after Carnaval...

So I took part in this, and after that I worked 5 days at the youth-center where I'm a volunteer. So now I'm tired. Really.

Status Panels (short)

Most people liked the old one better, but they liked the new energy bar. I'm now too tired to explain *grin* so more about that another time.


Last friday my brother bought a playstation. Yup. So development grinded to a halt as I explored Final Fantasy 7...

If I wasn't so exhausted I'd even explain it.

I think I'll go home now. I'll explain more on wednesday. *Yawn*

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