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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 66

May 14, 1998 : Other diaries and stuff

I've found an interesting game development site: It's some kind of magazine, and it's got some really interesting stuff. Check it out!


Besides that I've been working on Gen's room at Aleph. It looks kinda funny, and it might even remind some people of ... well I can't give the whole joke away can I?

I've also received the first reviews of Blade Lords. The MCCM edition was also delivered with NV Magazine, a japanese disk magazine, and readers always send in comments. (I've had the same kind of comments on the Core Dump promo.) Anyways, the comments were all quite okay, and more importantly, they gave me all sorts of stuff to think about for Blade Lords 2. That's why feedback is so important. I had a good laugh about what everyone thought about the music - they actually liked it. =) Good for me, then.

I haven't been coding much, only fixed some errors, because almost all of the code is already in there. So I was happily adding some of the plot lines, and some extra rooms. I added crew section gamma-9, which has twenty rooms. Gen's got his own door key for his appartment. Gamma-9,04. So now you know where his room is. Give him a visit sometimes.

On the plot side I've finally worked out how humans reproduce on Aleph. "You've got a twisted mind", was my girlfriend's reply when I explained it to her. Basically, the father of a child is never known, and I've solved a major problem of space stations (I think): in-breeding. See, I figured that with only a few hundred people on a space station, you get a hell of a lot of in-breeding. Which is not good, because this results in many undesired people (genetically speaking). I solved that problem, and more... It's got some elements of Aldous Huxley's classic Brave New World.

Other diaries

To my great pleasure I've been noticing the rise of some other game diaries. In fact, I like it so much I think I'll add a special section for them to my links page in the near future. For now, I'll list the ones I know of. If you've got one I forgot, please mail the URL to me and I'll check it out.

  1. Dome (Paragon)

      Click on "Dome", beneath "Games" on the left.

      This was the first other diary I spotted. A few episodes, and I hope there'll be more soon. Nice pages, although there isn't enough to read at the moment. Yet it has to be said this is the first other serious attempt at a diary that I've come across.

  2. OSR (Programmers' affair)

      Click on the white ball next to the (somewhat vague) OSR logo.

      Only one entry at the moment, but hey, let's wait a while before judging. But I must add that the pages could be more intuitive.


I've got my time attack record down to 9:13 using Lei Wulong, my favourite character (PSX Tekken II ofcourse, you silly!) but that still is far off from the 5:11 it took Debbie (she lives in the same house as I do) using Marshall Law... And I've got to eight rounds with survival. Darn. I think I need a lot more practice. The only comfort I've got is that I can beat Debbie anytime one-on-one. Lei versus Law... round one!

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