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Core Dump

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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 76

September 21, 1998 :Character profiles

(Yes, a Zandvoort report will come, but be patient, okay?)

I've decided to put some character profiles online. They're not completely ready yet, but there's enough to read.

(I will finish that section pretty soon.)

Core Dump music

I learned something cool though, last Saturday. Sunrise was selling Pumpkin Adventure III music CD's, and on it were three Core Dump musics! That was a cool surprise. Wow! Imagine that, me on a CD. Anyway, those three tunes are only betas, and I've been modifying even those very compositions, so you'll hear souped-up versions of that in Core Dump. (by the way, that CD included the Moonsound music of PA3 and also three moonsound tracks of Core Dump. Betas, alright?)

I was quite pleased. The music also indicates the very dark mood that will be set by the game.

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