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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 82

April 11, 1999 : Me and my Portugese

What have you been doing?

Oops, didn't get a chance to update the site in a while. So here goes. A new entry. Small. Yes. But good.

Voce will be able to know

I've got a link detector on my site - every time you enter these pages by clicking on a link, it is stored in a database. So I get an archive of all pages that have links to the Parallax pages. The other day I saw a link I'd never noticed before: I couldn't understand the page at all. This is what it said about Parallax:

The PARALAX Home Page : Esta página foge um pouco aos propósitos deste site que é de aplicações semi-profissional e profissional. No entanto esta é uma exceção que foi aberta. A página da PARALAX traz para o mundo um nível excelente de games multimidia para a plataforma MSX. Usando um emulador voce poderá conhecer sua mais nova produção, CORE DUMP. Agora, se voce tiver um MSX-2 acima configurado com placa de som voce ouvirá uma sensacional trilha sonora digna de um filme. Vá lá e confira.

Yeah sure. So I went to the Altavista translation service and had it translated. First I thought it was Spanish, but Altavista didn't agree at all. It turned out to be Portugese.

This translation service is pretty useful, and look what it came up with:

The Parallax Home Page: This page runs away a little to the intentions from this site that is of applications professional half-professional and. However this is an exception that was opened. The page of the PARALLAX brings for the world an excellent level of games multimidia for platform MSX. Using an emulator voce will be able to know its new production, CORE DUMP. Now, if voce will have a MSX-2 above configured with sound board voce will hear a sensational worthy sonorous track of a film. It goes there and it confers.

It goes there and it confers indeed.

MSX reunion

Friday the 23rd of April (the day before the Tilburg fair) there will be sort of an MSX-reunion. Check out this page. I'll be there. Join the club.

The Manual

Yes, I've been working on the Core Dump manual when I could find some time. I designed a neat packaging, and did the disk labels, and now I am putting the finishing touches to the manual. It'll be quite cool.

I decided to include the description of some items in the manual, but not all. Just to show that there are some items you haven't found yet.

Next week I'll be putting some pictures from the manual online. Yeah, coz' now I've got to go to my girlfriend and she doesn't like me being late...

Go on...

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