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Core Dump

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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 0

July 30, 1996: Opening

After quite a long break, we have started to actually work on Core Dump again. Patrick Smeets came to Tilburg (the place where I spend most of my time) and we had a brainstorming session again. We do this quite a lot. That's (a) because it's quite funny, and (b) because it helps us to inspire oneanother. Most of the time though, we've got loads of ideas but only ten percent of those ideas makes it into the games. The reason for this is lack of time.

Nevertheless some great ideas emerged. We will replace the missiles used in Akin by drones. These drones can be fired, and used as little versions of the player with limited capabilities. They can be collected by destroying enemies and such. We thought up a quite complicated method of collecting drones and using them, in order to make gameplay more interesting. We've also decided on two distinct classes of weapons: high-power, low range and low-power, wide range. Again, all of this is basically to enhance the gameplay. We didn't worry about the adventure part, 'coz the plot is not a problem, we got a great plot to start from: Akin! (for anyone who's ever played it.) We can't elaborate on Akin's plot though, because it must be kept a secret: it's like spoiling the story.

The plot of Core Dump will be made public, because the beginning is more straightforward than Akin, and the plot'll twist along the game anyway. Plotwise, Core Dump will be more conventional.

We had some other great idea, but it's a technical trick that we'd better keep a secret for the moment. Not that we're afraid anyone will make a game using the technique before we do, but because it'll be far more mindblowing in action than when described. So you'll just have to wait for the first demo's!

Patrick had also drawn a completely new logo, but I haven't had the time to convert this to a gif yet and include it in these pages.

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