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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 4

November 12, 1996: The swimming pool demo

Now that the main character is actually alien, we're having some difficulty on deciding how it will look. It's really difficult to think up some alien thingie that looks good while jumping, running and swimming(!).

The first few "swimming pool" test have resulted in an early demo to show the technical capabilities of the scroll routine. I haven't decided yet if this demo should be on these pages. Maybe if you'll swamp me with mail saying "please, I wanna see that stupid demo", then I'll consider it. Anyway, the demo has three "players" (keyboard, joystick 1, joystick 2) running around the playing area, which is a swimming pool. (true...)
This demo has four "camera" scroll windows on screen at once, and with some keys you can switch from three main windows to two main windows (and back) during play. The fourth camera is a bubble camera, which tracks bubbles (ofcourse there are rising bubbles when you are under water). There's also a nice "splashy effect" when you jump into or out of the water.

Things are slowly coming together....

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