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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 5

November 27, 1996: Dison sphere tppabs

Now that the technical stuff has been up and running for some time, work has begun on the player routines. We still haven't decided on the main sprite. It's horrible to design a main sprite 'coz it has to be brilliant. Which is difficult.

The Plot might be changing somewhat because that would be better for the gameplay. I have thought up a definite design for the defence-base Aleph. It'll be way cool, I promise. It's actually a novel design for such a base, being a cross between a old-fashioned rotating space-station and a Dison-sphere (Star Trek: The next generation featured one).

And very importantly, we've decided that the gameplay will be non-lineair and very, very difficult!!! (though easy at the beginning) These were (in our opinion) the major faults of Akin.

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