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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 8

January 8, 1997: Upgrading the editor

After creating some new levels, I decided that the editor could use a "enemy place" function. In practice this means that I can put little numbers at certain places on the map. Assume I put a "01" code at x-position 8, y-position 13. When the game is run, the game code notices the number and creates enemy type 01 at this position. Using this system, it's really easy to create enemy formations. The editor should also be able to delete numbers, and save and load this information. The same system will then be used to place doors to other sections on the maps.

This could turn out to be a very powerful editor. But as it resides in the code segment that was allocated for map-specific code, I'm exceeding the memory limits all the time. To solve this I've put parts of the editor in different code segments. With all this memory allocated for graphics, it's quite hard to find space for more code! *grin* Never mind, I'll use 128kB and not more, I've still got about 24kB left for general use in my current planning. The problem is that the right things must be accessible to certain pieces of code, because memory switching costs extra time, and it has to be as fast as possible. Problems problems.

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