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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 15

March 18,1997: Fonts and plots

After being ill for a week, I decided to completely remap the level/enemy structure (are you nuts?? why??) It turned out to be quite easy, and this now results in more flexible (and far quicker) level design. In practice this means that the game will be HUUUGE!

But I lacked inspiration. To solve this, I watched the sunday morning cartoons, hoping that'd give me some ideas. I came up with two new enemies, which isn't really much. Back to the drawing board. Anyway, the levels that are up and running now look really good, and are becoming fun to play. That's the priority here.

On the plot side I've made the last few decisions, and this means that there will be four different storylines (!) running through the game, and the player can decide in which order he plays through the events, making the game harder or easier. This will make for different endings, too.

Fonts. Always a problematic issue, which font do I use? In Akin we used a cool transparent font, but with Core Dump using all this extra video-ram it's becoming a bit of a problem. So I've decided on a colour-on-black 8x8 block font, but I've cheated a bit by making the characters five pixels high. That way, I can keep the distance between two characters zero and still have it look like there's three pixels (8-5) space inbetween. This might sound difficult, but it's useful in practice. When any character says anything, the board folds away (e.g. like in SD-Snatcher) and a text-window appears. (In Akin the text appeared on top of the pictures)

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