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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 14

March 3, 1997: Aleph generator

Aleph generator (first sketch) Erm here's the first sketch I promised. It was first drawn on paper (because I didn't have access to either an MSX or a PC at my girlfriend's place) and then redrawn on the computer, top layer first.

But I must say I'm not satisfied by this at all, and it'll probably be redrawn one more time. Anyway, it's been drawn using in-game colours, which mean that it might function as a static background for one of the levels. (Well it will be used that way, I've secretly decided...)

The drawing isn't even complete yet because all the dots (bottom-left corner) are supposed to be little androids, flying into some shaft. The main core is suspended between the two metal structures by wires, but the core is somehow floating.

The plot is now really coming together, and I need to conjure some more characters for the game. This one is going to be really creepy!

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