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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 13

Februari 25, 1997: Plotting (2)

I've discussed the Plot with Pat. He argued we had to adjust the plot back a but (to be more like our original ideas) but that my main plot line was quite ok. (And to be honest, he wasn't in a really good mood, but then he never is when I take decisions) This at least means that I'll go through with all the sketches and corresponding plot lines. Much to do there, but as the level/enemy editor is now complete, we've basically got to implement the plot (piece of cake, as they say) and draw more graphics. That's what you keep doing, making this kind of game. More graphics. More pixels.

In the meantime I also hope to code various enemies. And as I've explained already, due to the new control method I can now have enemies coming in from all sides, which could make for a much more hectic game. And the total size of the enemies has gone slightly up as well because of technical reasons that I won't explain here.

I must add that I've completely revised the collision detection after Akin. It's now more "human" now, allowing for more mistakes. (I had to revise it anyway, because the enemy-object information tables now have a new structure that allows faster detection)(and that's not using linked lists, Mark *grin*)

I'm considering a homing missile at the moment, but I'm not sure if I'll make it at the moment (uses relatively much CPU time). We'll see.

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