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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 12

Februari 24, 1997: Shots of LED, cloud level

Enemy/Map Editor At last the shots of the development thingie have arrived! Now that shot (on the right) is saying something: it has a load of boring numbers in it and is generally not to be understood. But basically it's a scrolling editor that allows big maps to be edited, and "event spots" marked on them. The event spots are then turned into computers, enemies, doors, andsoforth when you play the level. It's very convenient, really. This weekend also saw me implement the "automated" doors which are like the ones in malls, and open when you get close (we also used such doors in black cyclon). Now you can travel between different zones, and at this point the game is almost as big as Akin (referring to total map size)...

Cloud level Also here is a shot of the (by now infamous) Cloud Level that's supposed to be hidden in the game. Door The Hi-tech doors (on your right, hopefully) look really silly among the other blocks of this Cloud level. Oh, and forget the main sprite, because it's bound to change. The little sun in the background watches the action, and the blue creatures you can see are actually "comic versions" of Qarat, the main sprite of ARC! There are also some Mario-style blocks, but the level has some really difficult platform-centered problems, so don't judge it by its cute looks.

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