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Core Dump

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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 11

Februari 21, 1997: Plotting

I've been rethinking the plot. The plot has to be so scary that you refuse to let go of the game, against your better judgement. And, after two nights of heavy drinking (only joking, but only just...) I conjured a plot that's really unnerving. Core Dump will be much scarier than Akin, that's for sure!

In Akin there was a linear plot (just as in most other games, e.g. SD-Snatcher, XAK series) but I'm dropping that now by introducing multiple storylines that run parallel to eachother. That way, players can opt to examine one storyline first, or do both at the same time. Eventually, all (four in the current design) storylines converge.

Whilst thinking about the plot I've been sketching some important scenes in the games, and well, the sketches look pretty interesting. But I haven't got a scanner here in Tilburg, so you'll have to wait a few days before those sketches are put online.

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