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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 28

June 30, 1997: New player sprite

I actually made some enemies too hard. I've drawn these great spider-like thingies (look at the screenshots), and improved the A.I. quite a bit after the last time. They now have no problems with slopes, and team up on you. I've even got this firing animation thingie that... look at the screenshots will ya! They're really smart and they can follow you all around the place. At the moment they're even firing in the right direction. I might change that...

Anyway, I drew some more backgrounds and created six new maps. That's a lot of data. (It is, really) I worked on the plot as well, and I had a little problem because plot number 2 and plot number three overlap a bit. And I don't know yet how I'm going to solve that, because I don't want to synchronize them too much. That would spoil the fun of having different plot lines.

You might notice from the screenshots that I've also redrawn the main sprite (the way the player looks). Pat does not know this yet, so he's in for a surprise. The player is now bolder, the upper body has more colour, and he looks a bit more ``technical'' (No, I don't really know what I mean by that). More... frightening maybe.

I also fine-tuned the player controls. Unlike Akin, the player now crouches for an instant after falling onto solid ground. It makes the controls somewhat heavier. I myself thought that it felt like you were controlling a ping-pong ball (is this English??) in Akin. Now, the player has some added weight.

I am also considering a double-jump item, like in the treasure of Usas (a secret power of Wit, I believe) or ``Ghouls and Ghosts'' (arcade or SNES version) Also, you will need an item to be able to swim. In this way, underwater sections are not accessible at the beginning of the game. This turns out to be a great way to block out sections.

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