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Core Dump

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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 29

July 2, 1997: A bit of background

I had a real laugh at the latest guestbook entry: Ducane has complained about his new looks!

Well, I'm curious about all your opinions on the new sprite, but I think I will not go back to the Akin sprite. The reason for this is that it might cause confusion. In Core Dump, the player is Gen, an alien (Raalin is the name of the alien race), and not Ducane 7.

Core Dump is the sequel to Akin only in the sense that it is set in the same universe, and just after the proceedings in Akin. And that the Cooper character returns. All (...well, maybe not all) other characters are new ones. Ducane 7 was killed at the end of Akin. He's not coming back.

Or at least that's what I think now.

Anyway, this time you're Gen. Who's a Raalin. (It's all obvious, really.) The Raalin are the same aliens as in Akin. And the Raalin have created this Gate (first little gate was opened by Gwendolyn Irish and her team) and they now want to conquer the human universe. (Sounds reasonable) They find out that all human defences are directed from Aleph, a heavily-defended space station. It has such defences that it can withstand all Raalin attacks. Now the Raalin get worried, because as far as they know, humans cannot build structures this strong.

The Raalin now send two undercover-agents to Aleph to work there. One is Cooper, a human traitor (from Akin); and the other is Gen (controlled by the player). They have different missions: Cooper is to infiltrate into the higher ranks, and hopefully find out who's in control and kill him/her. Gen, on the other hand, must find out what the secret is behind the power of Aleph. Once found, Gen has been instructed to destroy the defences. The Raalin strike fleet would then take over Aleph. That's what the plan says, anyway.

And that is where the player comes in. Gen has a cloak; and this makes him look like an android (instead of a Raalin). The only trouble is that the cloak field does not work underwater. Underwater, the true identity of the Raalin is revealed.

Returning to the guestbook entry: opinions might differ, but a desert storm tank? Hmms. I think the new sprite looks much better than the Akin sprite, but then I've drawn them both, so I'm not a neutral judge. Maybe I'll program some kind of voting system into these pages: "Which sprite do you like best?" That's an idea.

I've been slaving away on the plot yesterday and there's still some work to do. Also item design,... pffft. But it's all shaping up nicely now, the bits are coming together. The game really has a "feel" now. And that's good. Even if the main sprite looks like a desert storm tank.

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