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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 33

July 22, 1997: What should be in the promo?

Decision time. The promo will not contain Moonsound Music, even if the final game will. This is because I want the promo to be finished soon, which is just not feasible if I'm to make more (good) Moonsound music. Although I've made some progression, it's just not enough to include it in a promo.

    I've been having a hard time as well on deciding what to include in the promo, i.e. which part of the game. A bit from the beginning? A bit from later on? Just something especially made for the promo?
    A game like this is a complete experience which can never be shown in a little promo. You just wouldn't understand the flow of the story. Pity, really. I'll see what I can do.

I've drawn some new backgrounds and implemented the "remote controlled" weapon thingies. (like the missile in Akin) I've made this drone that can fly around, just to look ahead, but the problem is that such a drone is too convenient. You can find hidden sections with it, which is not what I intended. It is better if the player has to look really hard to find them. Oh well. Maybe there'll be limited drones, that would be fun.
The new backgrounds are much better than the old ones; in fact, some of them are so cool I won't show them here (har har). Better save some stuff for the actual game and the promo. I'm giving enough away here already.

    I did some stuff on the character design, but that remained blimmin' difficult to get right, so I'll think I'll talk it through with my girlfriend first. Maybe she will give me some fresh inspiration for these designs. Although the main characters are all in, there is more thought to be spent on certain relationships...
Next time: more screenshots. I think.

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