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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 60

March 10, 1998 : Screenshots of the newer stuff

Before you start complaining: no, I am not showing any screenshots of other zones, because you'll just have to play the game to see them.

In all the pictures the new status panel is shown. So that's how it looks now, after I've combined the old one and the concept.

Screenshot First of all, the newer green look of Gen's robot cloak. I changed the thing a little bit, such as the arms, but never mind that. I think he already looks cooler.

But having said that, I might still change him. Not completely satisfied yet.

The weapon that is selected in the picture is the "twin blast" which fires two bullets at about 45 degrees from eachother, as can be seen from the icon for the weapon (below right). This weapon is extremely useful on those 20 degree slopes, which were in the promo. It doesn't have a longe range though.

Screenshot Now this is an interesting picture. It shows Gen. In the Psionic halls, which were in the promo version. Well, in case you didn't know, this location (shown in the picture) can be reached in the japanese version of the promo!

Have you been here yet?

If not, you'll have to check out the zones again! And that is replay value, right? (Uhhhm... well okay maybe not *grin*)

Screenshot The thing on the left is actually a door. When opened, it shows the extremely blinding light of the passage behind it. But I've redesigned the doors for the Raalin home world.

Oh, and again: the little white dot on the first line of every picture is my busy-o-meter.

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