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Episode 64

April 28, 1998 : Tilburg '98 report

Tilburg '98

Well, you might have read this on the newsgroup already, but it was actually quite good. After Zandvoort '97 I didn't have much faith in it, but hey, it really was quite filled this time and many people seemed to be doing good business.

To keep a great tradition, I arrived at 14:30. Ofcourse I'd intented to arrive earlier, but somehow it never quite turns out that way. These fairs are great. You pay seven and a half guilder to get your hand besmirched with some dark blue ink (i.e. stamp) which doesn't seem to rub off at all, so when you go out that evening everybody asks about it. Bloody stamps. I hate 'em.

I went to the fair on my own, knowing that the Futuredisk guys would be there, and hoping to see Pat. Also, I was going to get my copy of Hnostar 41, which includes my interview. That turned out to be more difficult than I thought, but it wasn't my fault.

So what did I see, what did I like? Well, as I was very late as always, I didn't get to see too much. Usually one has to go to these fairs, if only to have a chat with everyone. So I did. Most striking thing I saw was the manual of "the lost world", which was really cool. Nice print, fun drawings. That's how a manual should be.

Most interesting chat of the day: Sander van Nuenen (of WWW.MSX.ORG fame, but no one seemed to recognize him), with whom I went to the local Mac Donalds "restaurant" afterwards. We talked about a lot of stuff, and not only MSX. Changes are at hand at, so look out for that in the near future.


So, to be honest, I didn't even see too many people personally, but it was a very uplifting experience to see that so many folks came for this fair! Maybe there is still some hope for Zandvoort '98!

Oh, and Antal: I read your dome chronicles... I'm way past 50.000 now *grin*, so get typing!

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