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Core Dump

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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 70

July 13, 1998 : The final battles

All pieces of the game are falling into the right slots. There is enough to be done yet, but the finish is near. And I've really decided the last few bits of the main plot. Pat has no clue whatsoever at this moment, but I'll tell him soon enough.

Plotty Potty

I'm quite pleased with the plot. It's far more thorough than Akin. One thing still bothers me a bit, though. I just loved the setting of the original Akin, I thought the first chapter was really cool. I don't think Core Dump's opening will be as impressive (story-wise), but it will make up for it in depth. Also, Core Dump's multiple plotlines add quite a dimension to the gameplay.

The plotlines have given me many headaches though. Example: you walk up to Frank. He says something. (In plot line 1) You talk to him again. He says something else (In plot line 3). After that, he falls back into his default pattern ("I can't talk to you all the time, Gen.") It would be nicer to the player if Frank would tell you both things in one go, advancing plot line 1 and 3 at the same time. Then, you would know for sure that you were "ready" after you had spoken to Frank once.

But... it will remain that way. I know, it's not beautiful, but the extra code to implement that is actually far worse than you'd expect, because of the way the game works. In a next game I'd do it differently, but Core Dump will work this way. Sorry guys and gals :)

In the next few weeks...

I'm going to "lock myself up" for two weeks at my parent's house in Elsloo for two weeks, starting next weekend. In that time, I kinda hope to finish Core Dump for 99%.

So that means that I won't be updating this diary, nor replying anyone's mail. You can send it allright, but you'll have to wait a bit for the answers.

I'll be here till thursday/friday, so mail quickly! *grin*

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