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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 71

July 17, 1998 : A few words before I go off to work...

The final pieces. So I decided a few more pictures would be nice, to make up for my two weeks of absence to come.

This room is Gareth Evans' room, he's the commander of Aleph. It's a piece from the initiation sequence on Aleph. Pretty cool dudes live in pretty weird rooms, that's what I always say.

Even Marcel, a friend of mine who hates computer games, loved the way the plot is turning out. I keep him up to date once in a while. I talk about the plot, and he nods, usually. But in this case he actually seemed to like it a lot...

So, tomorrow I will be moving all my computer equipment from Tilburg to Elsloo (about 1.5 hours by train usually, but this time we'll be going by car) and then I'll be slaving away.

Oh, I forgot to tell that if everything goes well, I'll receive my brand new PC in october. I never had one before, but I guess it had to come some time. Anyway, it'll be a pentium-II (windows '98) with a Voodoo chipset and stuff, so I'll be having some serious hardware in da house. I guess it'll be a bit of a change after having the same MSX-2 for over ten years.

By the way (I should really mail this but what the heck) I tried to download the Dome alpha-release again but I must be stupid or something, 'coz I can't get the bugger to work. I put it onto my harddisk, and try "pmext domea a:", so that it'll go to my harddisk. Then PMEXT says: Decrunching the first file..... ok. Decrunching the second file.... 000F/00xx. And there it ends. I can't get past that block 000F for some reason. And yes, it's on my harddisk, so I use MSX-DOS 2, obviously.

This is all very weird because usually I'm quite good at downloading stuff (*big grin*) so that can't be it.

The picture of the left is quite interesting, considering what a mess it is. It's one of my DD-graph "sketch" screens. In the background there is a weird man between some alien stuff, Pat didn't like it at all. But the foreground is something else. It shows how I and Pat spends hours doing useless stuff.

Cas: "Hmmm I need some more enemy sprites"
Pat: "Euh okay do we have something to start from?"
Cas: "I've got Ducane-7 from Akin on my harddisk. That was a cool sprite."
Pat: "Okay. Copy it. I think we should remove this part right here...."
Cas: "Hey! It look like some bug now. Let me try..."

(several hours later)

Pat: "Uh this one with the antenna is cool"
Cas: "Well that's quite difficult for the detection routines, we don't want that."
Pat: "Duh. It looks like some egg could hatch from its behind."

(Pat draws frantically, copying frames all over the place, animates a bit...)

Cas: "Uh well it looks like a bug giving birth to a frog, but without the tadpole phase... yuk!"
Pat: "Cool huh."

(The conversation digresses to our special game/utility concept.. secret!)

Cas: "We could have a Blanka Cursor!"
Pat: "Hee, I can draw a Ryu cursor with a red headband.."
Cas: "In 8 by 8 pixels?"
Pat: "Yeah sure, look..."
Cas: "It would look even better with some animation."
Pat: "okay."
Cas: "this is nice. we could do that."

Believe it or not, this is all quite enjoyable for us. But that's a summary of what happened to the picture, anyway. And now I'm off. You can mail, but the reply might be some time off.

Have a good vacation!

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