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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 73

August 21, 1998 : Just a screenshot

Okay here's a goody screenshot, I believe. It's from the final screens of the Tyroon stage, where Gen has to race against Shira.

Also in the shot is the new font, but you can hardly notice that it has changed until you brighten up the screenshot with a drawing tool... not so good =)

But believe me, the font is now improved (again) and while that isn't so important it had to be done, I believe.

Anyways, I didn't type a lot lately because of my exams. Which will be over soon. And then we complete Core Dump, okay?

p.s. sjees the weather had been great all week and now it's raining like there's no tomorrow! Usually, I don't mind bad weather but I have this great big party (dutch: "intro eindfeest") planned tonight with a couple of friends. Oh hell. We'll go anyway.

p.p.s. I bought "follow the leader" yesterday - cool :)

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