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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 74

September 2, 1998 : A new year at them unis

Oh boy oh boy. What a hectic week. The new year at my Unis has begun and it's giving me a headache. The university in Eindhoven has failed two attempts at sending me a certain bit of paper which means that "officially" I'm not yet a student of the university in Tilburg this year. But hey, I can go and study anyway, so who cares?... I do, 'coz it's giving me a headache.

Actually, I believe the headache has a different cause. I've got a sore throat. I am trying not to become ill, because that would indeed be bad timing. Maybe there's a foosball tournament soon in Eindhoven.

[Dutch explanation of foosball] Ja, dat is tafelvoetbal. Ik wist dat ook niet totdat ik "tafelvoetbal" op internet wilde opzoeken.
[Dutch off]

I did some general cleaning up. What I also did was, I improved my bookmarks at my normal home page, and there I added an "MSX game diaries" section. At the moment there are only three, but if anyone knows more of them, I'll be sure to add the stuff. And no, Fony doesn't count, because that diary hasn't been updated since the invention of sliced bread.

Core Dump. Yes. I've been working on and off, and now I had planned to write the manual. But it's not done yet. I know some people love big manuals, but I've never been sure about that. I will try to make it somewhat substantial, you know, drop some game hints between the lines. That might be fun.

I am also considering a few pages about the characters featured in the game. Little pics of Cooper, Gen, Shira, and a little explanation. I might even drops some game hints there.

I've been also working on my secret plan for the ending but that's actually quite revolutionairy - especially for an MSX game. I have a plan that will encourage many to play and replay the game. I think. I hope.

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