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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 78

November 5, 1998 : LHPACK: Freezing...

Okay, I decided, I will now make a backup of the entire game development stuff, transfer it to my (sparkling new) PC, get myself an emulator, and continue from there.

What do we need? Compression, or I would need eight or ten disks for the whole lot. And that's no good. So, being more than a little bored with PMARC, I opted for LHPACK.

It took me just under eight hours to complete the whole lot! Darn, that's a bit long for my liking. Phew, no decrunching with my MSX, I thought.

So I travel back to Tilburg, download some MS DOS version of LHA, and start to unpack it... completed. I didn't watch very carefully, but it was completed in under five minutes. Aargh. This is unfair. But then again, it should be, my PC being about 100 times as fast as my MSX (3.58 MHz compared to 350 MHz). Sjees.

So I now got the stuff in Tilburg on my PC. And I'd like to continue completing it. That's what I was thinking, but no.

Harddisk emulation

On my MSX the stuff runs on partition B: of my 80MB (yeah yeah that's not very much) harddisk, so I wanted to set up the same kind of configuration on the emulator (RuMSX). No luck here. I don't know how to do that.

I recently posted a question on the MSX newsgroup about this. I'm pretty sure that there must be someone who knows how to do this. It can't be that difficult. I imagine (and why not?) a 80MB file on my PC harddisk - that wouldn't be a problem.

Anyone? I desperately need to emulate it, it would speed up development considerably.

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