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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 79

December 17, 1998 : Conceptual Art

Still no working HD emulation (see last episode), and a lot of work concerning studying, so that doesn't make for much progress.

But I've been making some 'conceptual art', as it is called, which will end up in the manual. The example below is a sunset on Tyroon, which is the home planet of the Raalin. You can see poor old Gen staring towards the sun here.

The picture is a bit dark, now that I see it on my monitor, but hey, you can't have everything. I created it using Bryce3D on my PC. I fractal-generated the mountains, added a weid water texture, and some clouds. I fiddled with the light sources until it looked a bit like I wanted, and saved the picture.

Then I used Photoshop 5.0 to draw Gen, which was quite horrible work but I managed to pull it off. Then came the text, easy with Photoshop 5, and last but not least I added a lens flare. And voila! conceptual art. (I love that word, it's really fancy)

Tyroon sunset

I've got more of this kind of artwork in store, especially now I've reconstructed Gen in 3D studio Max R2.5...(yes I've actually got a 3D model of the Raalin now) I already made a small film clip, but it needs some refining.

Let me know what you think of the picture, and did you download OX already?

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