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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 80

January 7, 1999 : Happy New Year!

The new year saw me playing lots of stuff, and completing some of the save/load stuff in Core Dump. I had another load of great ideas (ho ho ho) which I decided were too much trouble to put into the game... a smart move.

I took some time to add the last few moonsound musics. I am very pleased with those, they really add atmosphere to the game. There are some seriously dark tracks in there. Maybe I'll put some up for download soon. I'm not sure about that because they are intended as mood musics, and not really as "songs" to listen to without the game. Drop me a line if you want them badly.

The Manual. It's taking ages to decide what will go in and what not. What's more, I've been playing around with Photoshop on my PC and I expect to create some more images for the manual - but that means postponing the printing of the manual. Decision time. Very hard.

New looks

I had a look at the Paragon pages. They're updated, quite nice, with a new overall look. I like the look of these pages too much. In fact, I'm afraid to change them (never change a winning ...). But I'd love to have a go at it.

Speaking of websites, I might add another thing here. Pat sings in a band. (Commercial? Nah.) So, like, you know, they've got a website. Check it out! Anyhue, their site needs a major overhaul, and Pat's going to do it. Spot the MSX-converted pictures and logos!


I've got a scanner now. A cheap one, just 300x600 dpi, but it works like a charm. I can't use it for my MSX, but it's great for touching up those line drawings and scanning those photos. So expect my (current) face to turn up here pretty soon...

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