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Core Dump

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Core Dump - Work In Progress

Episode 85

August 31, 1999 : After some work


Finally, I've picked up working on Core Dump (see last week) and changed the end of the plot slightly, so I'm now completing the "beta plot" as it's called.

The beta plot still contains the fantastic (i.e. weird) ending that we had planned so no worries there. I also finally completed the "section 4" lifts that have been giving me the worst headache of the entire game.

I also adjusted some enemies and decided what the player won't see on "easy" level. I want to save some plot stuff for the better players, giving some incentive to play it after you've completed the easy level.

Hnostar 43

I also reveived Hnostar magazine 43, and was amazed at the way my advert looked :) great stuff, that glossy paper. It looks much better than it looked coming from my printer. Admittedly, the guys at Hnostar had brightened my picture a little. Heck, I'm known for my dark images so that wasn't a problem. Anyway, it looks great now. I'm well pleased. (check out the original image in the previous episode)

For those interested: I did the original image at 350 dpi, using Photoshop 5 and some 3D rendering programs (for the aliens). Then I burnt a CD-R with the whole lot and sent it off to Spain. Quite convenient.


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